Vets who are involved with farm animals be it cattle, sheep, pigs or poultry know the importance of keeping records for all the different breeds, colours and species. All this can be recorded in the extended records module within the Vet-One system. Being web-based, complete access to records can be obtained on client site just as easily as at your own practice.

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Standard Features

Pet One
    • Client Records

      The client management module is one of the core system modules dealing with all aspects of managing clients.


    • Animal Records

      The animal management module forms part of the basic Vet-One system and is designed to be easy to use and flexible to meet your requirements.

    • Financial

      Vet-One can handle the basics of veterinary finance, invoices, credit notes, estimates and insurance claims.  The system has the ability to export financial data into Microsoft Office, Sage accounting software and other leading accounting applications, if required.

    • Referrals

      The referrals module allows you set up referral procedures and create letters/reports to be sent to the referring vet. You can track the referral of animals to different referral practices.

    • Appointments

      A powerful and speedy search tool shows all available appointments for a single Vet or all Vets after the day or time of your choosing. If required, appointments can be viewed and booked for other branches. Vet/Nurse appointment rota’s can also be generated within the appointments module.

    • Stock Control

      The Stock Management module allows a practice to take control of your stock, and minimise the financial investment tied up with ordering products, drugs etc.  Expiry and batch traceability also come as standard.

    • Reporting

      Information is the key to successfully running any veterinary practice or business. Therefore, Vet-One includes a suite of reports capable of analyzing critical business areas, and highlighting important statistical information.

    • Products & Services

      Your own list of products can be created from your wholesale supplier together with the professional services your practice offers. Any price updates from your suppliers can automatically be populated into your product/services list.

    • Dispensary

      Like having your own Pharmacy! Under the Dispensary module Vets can send dispensary requests with the relevant label to another member of staff to alleviate them from drug packaging and preparation.  The virtual dispensary allows the easy reprinting of labels if required.

Additional Features

    • SMS Text Messaging

      Send messages from the communications module of the Vet-One system for appointment/vaccination reminders and pick-up times after surgical procedures.

    • Post Code Look-up

      Enter the client’s postcode, press ‘click to find’ and then their address details will pre-populate.

    • eBenchmarking

      For companies supporting VetXML eBenchmarking standard just send the data at the end of each month and it’s done. Compare your practice performance to others with zero effort!

    • eLabReports

      For any Lab Company that supports the VetXML eLabReports standard the report is transferred from the lab directly into the animal record making it immediately available to you.