Safe and VMR compliant Dispensing in 2013

For our Vet-One customers it is nice to know how quick and comforting it can be to  comply with onerous and previously inexplicable cascade labeling  requirements within both the VMR 2011 and the draft VMR 2013. You can comply by using just a couple of clicks within the Vet-One practice management system which will link in to either  or the online NOAH compendium. For example, if you “breach the packaging??? of “Methimazole??? and supply free tablets in a little pill bottle, or you dispense highly potent cascade products like “Tramadol???, it is important you know the labelling obligations falling upon you and hopefully take some of the stress out of VMR compliance. It may even speed up your dispensing practices! It shows that you have a duty of care to your clients and we have a duty of care to you!