May 31, 2012

Third Party Hardware


Label printers – we recommend Dymo or Seiko label printers. Brother do a label printer which is also okay. Different label sizes are supported; 36mm x 89mm is probably most popular but 29mm x 89mm is a close second.

Digital x-ray machines – depends more on the output from the digital x-ray machine than Vet-One. If it outputs a jpeg (thumbnails even better) or maybe a pdf output then fine because ANY file type can be attached to an animal clinical record. Dicom files are possible to attach in association with a diacom (there are free ones) reader being installed on the PC to view the file. Dicom tend to have large file sizes so high broadband speed becomes useful. If the digital x-ray has no output formats then it’s not possible.

Blood analyser machines – again the answer is basically the same as x-ray machines. What output formats does the machine support? Can that output be put onto an attached PC? Even a text file can be attached to a clinical record. However if the output is a string of binary digits from an RS232 port and the company who make the x-ray machine don’t provide an application to interpret the binary data into something meaningful then it’s not a practical proposition because the work required to write a decryption application would cost more than the machine.

The bottom line is: if you can get a sensible file out of the machine that displays the result when you view the file then that file can be attached to an animal clinical record in Vet-One.

Idexx lab machines “integrate??? the best because the newer ones produce results in a text/numeric and a pdf visual format which can go straight into the correct animal record without copying, manually moving files, or using windows copy/paste.

Other integration possible includes till drawers that action via different payment methods, Ultrasound wav and avi files are also attachable. Of course any digital camera image can be attached so an animal picture can be attached to the animal record or a skin condition recorded.


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