November 9, 2011


Can I use my existing computer equipment?

Yes, all you need is a PC with a browser so if your current equipment is reliable it should be up for the job.

Am I tied to buying my hardware from you?

No expensive servers required with our system, and all other equipment such as PC’s, printers.. you can source yourself or we would be happy to quote using one of our discount suppliers.

How secure is your system?

It is similar to internet banking systems which maintains total security around your data.

If my server gets overloaded or fails, will you replace it free of charge?

As we host the server for you it is our responsibility to replace the server in the event of overload or failure free of charge!

When you do system updates are these free of charge?

We regularly do system updates to improve general functionality or pressure from Vets! We have not made any charge to date.

I have an existing system but will need my data migrating, is this straight forward and will it cost?

For the current systems on the market we have the facility to migrate data from most of them. Depending on the complexity of the migration it would cost anywhere between £500- £1500.

Can your system be tailored to our specific practice requirements?

We have many modules to our system, some of which you will use and others not. The ones you don’t want to use you simply switch off. If you want a specific feature adding that isn’t there, if it’s achievable we will do it but normally at an extra cost.

Am I tied into a lengthy contract?

Our contracts are normally 1, 3 or 5 years, you choose. If you choose a longer term contract then the price quoted at the start is the price you pay throughout.

How reliable is your system?

Since going web-based in 2003 our system has had 99.95% availability.

What training do you offer?

We offer a full days training before you go live which is quoted in the initial set-up costs. If subsequent training is required then we offer this on a daily or half daily rate.

Can I access your system from anywhere?

Being an internet-based system then yes you can. You can access our system on mobile devices such as an iPhone or iPad or from your laptop at home to write up your case notes, for example.

What systems does Vet-One support?

As Vet-One supports open systems then Vet-One works equally well on PC’s running on Windows, Apple Macs running on Mac OS X, Linux and mobile devices.

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