March 27, 2017


What is Connect-One?

Connect-One is  a revolutionary integration solution from Vet-One.

It allows the automatic transmission and attachment of files, such as laboratory reports, X-ray images etc., to a patient’s clinical record.  Providing the third party equipment can output the result to a shared, network folder, Connect-One does the rest.

Connect-One can also send laboratory report requests to certain analysers.



Is it complicated?

In a word – no. Once installed, we manage the unit remotely and there is no need for any member of your practice team to interact with it. Installation is simple and full instructions are provided and telephone support is available where required. In some cases we will attend to install, which may incur a charge.

Results and images will appear as attachments against entries on the patient’s clinical record and can be opened simply by clicking on them. Users can discuss the results with owners and easily print them if required.

How much will it save me?

The manual transfer of results from in-house analysis equipment quietly costs veterinary practices thousands of pounds per year, for example:

If we assume that:

  • The most junior member of a team is manually attaching laboratory results to patients’ clinical records
  • The time spent doing so totals around fifteen minutes per day
  • They are paid minimum wage

((£7.20 ÷ 4) × 5) × 52) = £468.00

That’s nearly £500 per year at just one site.

Connect-One will pay for itself in the first year of installation and allow your staff to focus on what matters – your customers.

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