November 28, 2011


Vet-One was formed in 1999 to address the clear need for a good Veterinary Practice Management system. Vet-One utilises the latest technology advances and makes the job of Vets and Nurses easier and more efficient.

A blend of Veterinary experience was mixed with IT technical professionalism to produce a team that understood what was needed and could be done. The result is an outstanding contribution to Veterinary Practice Management, Vet-One. Our main focus was to produce a system that was fully functional with ease of use and most importantly cost efficient by allowing a Practice to skip the hardware procurement and capital
expenditure phase. As a web-based application a solid and reliable internet connection is required; this is where Vet-One has now come into the forefront of Veterinary software systems. Broadband is now available in every part of the UK with connection and download speeds increasing on average ten-fold since we went web-based back in 2003. ( For a free Broadband speed test and Broadband packages go to )

Since formation, Vet-One has grown steadily, having staff in all areas that include support, training, development, sales & marketing. In excess of 500 clients use Vet-One on a daily basis (Nov. 2011).

Vet-One is a 24/7 service available 365 days a year. Since going web-based in 2003, the service has exceeded its service level target of 99.95% availability being offline on average per practice for approximately 30 minutes in 8 years (2003 – 2011).

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