November 9, 2011

Quality Assurance

GemHadar Software Ltd, which we call Vet-One, is an ISO 9001 Quality Assured Company for the design and development of specialist software for the Veterinary profession.

We believe we were the first Veterinary Practice Management Software Company in the UK to achieve this level of award showing we have the processes and organisation in place to design, develop and support the Vet-One system.

What does a Quality award mean?

Vet-One is committed to providing quality software to the Veterinary profession, this starts with understanding the requirements of legislation in the Veterinary industry but most of all, the needs our clients.

This starts with the design, through to development, the testing process and finally the on-going monitoring
of Vet-One. The final result is a 24/7 Practice Management service second to none.

If there happens to be any major error within any Vet-One system, our support desk is immediately informed and an issue logged on our systems. In many cases, we can identify the issue and often fix it before our support desk is telephoned.

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