November 9, 2011

New/Start Up

When starting a new Veterinary practice there are so many investments to be made, particularly in equipment, that a professional Practice Management System can seem like a luxury. Fortunately help is at hand.

Vet-One is a new generation of Practice Management Software that keeps costs firmly under control. Because Vet-One is an Internet based system there is no need to buy expensive hardware for your practice. All you need is a Broadband connection to the Internet and you are in business. Importantly, you don’t have to become a computer administrator looking after a server, changing tapes and backing it up every night. All this is done for you on a secure internet server only you can access.

Vet-One can start as small as one or two users and can expand to many more as and when your Practice grows. Finding client and animal information couldn’t be easier. Some of the benefits are:

Low investment cost

No expensive equipment required

Easy administration

Secure data

Easy to expand

Fast and reliable

Discount & payment terms available

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